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Ban No-Knock Warrants

Ban No-Knock Warrants

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Started by Jumeka Reed
Ending No Knock Warrants
On February 27th, 2019 at 6:11am, Killeen Police Department(KPD) SWAT Unit, executed a " no knock w…
Started by Maricia Kinsway
Get AG Dave Yost to denounce the use of ‘no knock’ warrants in Ohio!
In March, Louisville PD dressed in plain clothes entered the house of Breonna Taylor and her boyfri…
Started by Omar Valdez
End no-knock warrants in Los Angeles
Breonna Taylor's murder confirmed what we already know: no-knock warrants are too dangerous and ine…
Started by Knock First Minnesota
Banning of No-Knock Warrants in Minnesota
Minnesota Nice Means Knock First Knock First Minnesota is a non-partisan initiative created by the …
Started by Brent Steinacker
End No-Knock Raids in the State of Michigan
With the killing of Breonna Taylor still a fresh wound on the country’s consciousness, it is time f…
Started by Gamilah Hujaji
Ban No-Knock Warrants in Chicago in honor of Breonna Taylor
Breonna Taylor was a beautiful woman who's life was gone too soon because of police brutality. Thes…
Started by Hunter Parnell
No-Knock Warrants are Costing Lives. End No-Knock Warrants!
In a state that has a "Make My Day Law", No-Knock Warrants place both the occupant and the Police e…
Started by Caroline Cook
The Phoenix, AZ Police Department has one of the most disproportionately high rates of police killi…
Started by Magnolia Solorzano
Ban No-Knock Warrants in Maryland
Since Breonna Taylor’s unlawful death happened their has been a lot of outrage. We should also be m…

About this movement

No-knock warrants allow police to forcefully enter a property without announcing themselves. They’ve resulted in countless deaths and injuries all around the country, including the death of Breonna Taylor. In the wake of her murder, people like you are seeking justice for Breonna Taylor by calling on their cities and states to ban no-knock warrants. They want to be sure no one else is murdered or hurt in their own homes because of this dangerous practice.

Cities around the country are listening.

Already Louisville, Indianapolis, Memphis, and others have banned no-knock warrants, and more are considering legislation. They’re banning them because people like you are speaking out, demanding local and state leaders protect citizens from the deadly consequences of no-knock warrants.

Will your city or state be next? Help by starting, signing, or sharing a petition today.
Reach out to decision makers that have not responded. What can you do?
Lori Lightfoot

Chicago Mayor

Mike DeWine

Ohio Governor

Tim Walz

Minnesota Governor

Gretchen Whitmer

Michigan Governor

Charles Kimble

Killeen, TX Police Chief

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Let’s take this campaign to the next level
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Ban No-Knock Warrants in Maryland
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Ending No Knock Warrants
Let’s take this campaign to the next level
End No-Knock Warrants in NY State Now
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Ending No Knock Warrants